Advantages of Working With a Licensed Building Contractor

Whenever you intend to build or renovate a home, it is best to work with a reputable licensed building contractor. Although you may be tempted to save cost by building the house by yourself or through an unlicensed contractor, you may regret taking this option. Working with a contractor that has a builder contractor license in your state, city, or county is extremely beneficial. At the end of the project executed by a licensed contractor, you will discover that you have a high quality structure and you have saved precious time and money. Here is a brief outline of the benefits of hiring a licensed contractor.

Licensed Builder

Cost and Time Savings

Due to the high competence level of companies with a builder contractor license, your project will be executed by experts with many years of practical experience. Hence, the work will handled properly and every aspect of the building, from the foundation to the interior decoration, will be done properly at the first attempt. So you will save money that will be spent to re-do certain aspects that may have defects if it was done by an unlicensed company or individual. In many cases, homeowners have to call in licensed professionals to work on projects that were poorly handled by quacks.

Full Insurance Protection

Every licensed contractor will have all the basic insurance required by the governing laws in your state. Many companies will provide additional insurance to ensure that all liabilities are minimized. Essentially, the insurance needed to operate with a certified builder contractor license includes: liability insurance, course of construction insurance, and workers compensation insurance. When you are interviewing potential contractors for your project, make sure that each one has the basic statutory insurance and demand for a documented proof.

Contractor’s Reputation Can Be Verified

Another significant benefit is that your contractor’s track record can be confirmed. You will be able to check several references to verify their reliability and reputation. Most licensed contractors will belong to their local Home Builders Association (HBA). Therefore, they will be fully committed to providing the highest quality of work. They will also have a company that has been proven to be a top class business with satisfied clients. Most members of such associations also hold additional national membership and they must adhere to their code of ethics so that they don’t lose their membership.

Excellent Project Management

Most licensed building contractors will offer you the benefit of top notch project management. The entire project will be broken down into manageable tasks with timelines and budgets. A well designed payment schedule will also be in place before work starts. Hence, you will be able to follow the progress of your project, provide the cash required to complete each phase promptly, and ensure that the entire project is completed on time and within the originally specified budget.

Why a licensed building contractor? Only Qualified Subcontractors Will Be Hired

With a licensed contractor, you can be assured that only fully qualified subcontractors will be hired and used for all aspects of the construction including, mechanical, plumbing, roofing and electrical wiring. Virtually all reputable building contractors have a well established network of competent subcontractors that they work with on a regular basis. So even though the initial quote may be a bit high. You will end up saving a lot of money because your home’s roofing, plumbing and wiring will meet your local regulatory standards and they will not require repair for many years. Also, your contractor will provide warranties for an agreed period of time to handle any issues that may occur shortly after construction is completed.

Local Inspectors Will Check Your Project

Working with a licensed contractor will give you great peace of mind because you know that local inspectors will be checking on the work periodically. So there will be no room for the use of substandard materials or violation of any building codes. Also, you will not lose any money due to penalties imposed on the project due to violation of safety and environmental protection standards. All construction waste will be properly handled on site and they will be disposed in compliance with local environmental laws.


Those are some of the key benefits of working with a licensed building contractor that has a certified builder contractor license. Overall, your licensed contractor will offer you more value for the money used to hire them.